Fallsington United Methodist Church

Our History

Celebrating Our 150th Year

We’re proud to be celebrating our 150th anniversary!  Our church has witnessed many changes since our church was chartered and incorporated in 1868, but one thing has remained constant: our faith in God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit. This faith has empowered our church over the years to provide spiritual growth, inspirational worship, loving fellowship, and service to others. Our legacy, inspired by the Holy Spirit, lives on today in the men, women, and children who worship here.

Below are some highlights of our long history:


On September 18, 1866, William Walker deeded 39 ½ perchs of land (about ¼ of an acre in today’s terms) to Eseck Howell and Mahlon Wharton, in trust as the pre-site of Methodist Episcopal Church.


On February 7, 1868, a committee of seven submitted a petition for charter of M.E. Church. On February 13th Judge Henry Traxel found the petition lawful and ordered publication according to law. On March 5th, the land was deeded to first Board of Trustees of Fallsington Methodist Church: Mahlon Wharton, Silas G. Mason, Henry Morris, Jesse L. Stackhouse, and Eseck Howell. Publication appeared April 7th, 1868 and on April 29th the M.E. Church became a corporation.


In 1869, the first formal records stated in the Philadelphia Conference listing W. J. Mills as minister for two churches: Fallsington and Morrisville. When Fallsington Methodist Church came into being, the ministers were circuit riders. At times, these men served three churches. In those days, they traveled on horseback, however, our area also had a trolley. This is how they traveled in all kinds of weather and conditions. Church and Sunday School meetings were held in a one room building which is still in use as our sanctuary.


There weren’t too many changes in the church until electricity was installed in 1935. In 1936, the interior of the church was painted instead of papered. While renovations proceeded, services were held in the Friend’s schoolhouse. In 1937, space heaters replaced pot bellied stoves on either side of the church.


Four new pendant lights were installed in 1951. A major change occurred in July 1952 when a two-room school building was purchased at a public sale. It was needed to house the needs of our growing church in an expanding community. A cellar was constructed to support the new addition which gave more room for Sunday School classes and space for a kitchen and our Fellowship Hall. A new heating unit, an automatic oil burner, was installed. In 1953 water was connected to the church. Through the efforts of Emily L. Peters and the Methodist Youth Fellowship a new brick marquee was installed in the front of the church on July 10, 1955.


In April 1964, a new vestibule was built and a steeple was added, although the bell was still needed for it. Landscaping was completed in 1964. In 1967, pews were obtained from Central Methodist Church of Trenton. New wood paneling around the lower part of the walls of the church was installed at the same time. Through the years many things were accomplished such as obtaining a new pulpit, a new piano, an electric organ, alter cloths, flags, the cross and many other things too numerous to mention have been given in memory of loved ones or in honor of loved ones.


New steps were built on side of church. The church bell that is mounted on a brick platform in front of the church was a donation from the Grundy Foundation in Bristol. It had to be installed in this location because the bell tower would not hold it. The date and words on the bell are 1846 “A sower went forth to sow” 1871.


The building’s old-style architecture continues to be artfully blended with new acquisitions. Air conditioning was installed. Spotlights shine down on the newest pulpit, a modern organ was donated, and a sound system was installed. A new altar rail was built and installed by Wayne Arch. A chair lift was added to the stairs to Fellowship Hall. Internet access and monitors were obtained to support current technology for presentations.


For the Love of God

Written by Dianne Ely on March 4th, 2018
in honor of the 150th anniversary of
Fallsington United Methodist Church

We praise His name together

throughout the storms, the losses and the tears.

Through the triumphs and all the tragedies,

But also so much joy through all these years.

How blessed we are to be here together

To be celebrating such an amazing affair.

150 years goes back so very far

We have many great memories to share!

We've had quite a variety of pastors

And we've experienced changes galore.

We've hugged, we've cried, but we've laughed many times

And we'll always be ready for more.

Be confident and be at peace

For His love for us will always be.

Be strong in the Lord in the good time and the bad,

His love an support will allow us to be free.

One day we will all go down in history,

As we share this joy and love.

It is a remarkable celebration,

And we can thank our Lord from up above.

Thanks be to God for His indescribable gift,

if you're grateful is can restore many things.

Be kind to one another, take comfort in Him

You'll be amazed at the peace it will bring.

It is such an honor for all of us

To celebrate such greatness as we pray.

we will bond through this amazing celebration

As we follow our hearts every day.

Present day

Our 190-member church still serves the descendants of many of the original members, as well as those who are newer to the area. Together we continue to nurture one another, as we meet the needs of the surrounding community and spread the truth of God's great love. We look forward to many more years of love and service in the name of Jesus Christ.